Our business office


As a distributor of IT equipment, we are able to deliver the latest technology products of the best global manufacturers.
Our offer encompasses a wide range of the highest quality merchandise, which would undoubtedly fulfill expectations and needs of the most demanding users.

  • COMPUTERS - PCs, notebooks, netbooks, All-In-One
  • PERIPHERALS - monitors, inkjet and laser printers, MFDs (Multi-Functional Devices), scanners, mouse and keyboards
  • COMPONENTS - motherboards, hard drives, graphic cards, PCUs (Processing Units, Processors), optical drives, casings, flash drives (pendrives)
  • NETWORK HARDWARE - servers, routers, switches, WiFi devices
  • SOFTWARE - operating systems, office applications, antivirus software, graphic software
  • CONSUMABLES - ink, toners, printing and photo paper
  • CONSUMER ELECTRONICS - plasma and LCD TV, MP3 and MP4 players, speakers, digital cameras, digital video cameras, SLR (Single Lens Reflex) cameras, navigations, DVD players
  • GAMES & CONSOLES - games for Xbox, Playstation, Xbox 360 consoles, Wii consoles, Playstation 3 consoles
  • ACCESSORIES - cables, batteries, rechargable batteries, chargers